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Photograph by Addison Rickaby

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Untitled Offroad is an association of like minded 4 wheel drive enthusiasts based out of Calgary, AB. 

The mission of Untitled Offroad (UO) is to foster a community of responsible and ethical 4x4 enthusiasts, regardless of label, in an environment where all skill levels are challenged and rewarded with miles of adventure. The experience is enriched through open minds and learning opportunities which provide grounds to break typical 4x4 stereotypes and advance the knowledge base of it's members through discussion, collaboration, and community engagement. 

Welcome to the Adventure Collective ... Untitled Offroad

Here at Untitled Offroad we are all about actually enjoying our hobby to the utmost. We are unconstrained by a particular model of vehicle (though a lot of us drive Toyota 4wds), unrestrained by our geography and unlimited by our skill levels. We'll travel anywhere, in any vehicle and learn along the way.

Come and join our Adventure Collective and explore this crazy world. Become a part of Untitled Offroad.


Photograph by David Wakely.


Untitled Offroad is a team. A team made up of people with a passion for exploring and protecting the backcountry. We value Treading Lightly, Leaving No Trace and making sure that there continues to be an offroading legacy here in Canada. We accomplish all this by making sure that we are educated about the areas we travel in and don't disturb the eco-system while we are having a great time using the trails.

Any team is a collection of individuals but we are all committed to the same ideals. If you're interested in joining our team please join the Forum and check out even more about us.

Many of the people involved with UO have been wheeling for a whole lotta years. We're using their experience to help spread responsible backcountry ethics, offroad knowledge and a bunch of good cheer. Check out some of the people involved with bringing you a great offroad experience.

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Untitled Offroad's headquarters are nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains foothills in Calgary, AB. We have events through out the year where you can contact us. Check out the Events page for more info.


E-Mail or Visit Us at a Meeting

Located in Beautiful Calgary, AB

We can accept mail at the following address;

Untitled Offroad, PO Box 46034 Inglewood, Calgary, AB, T2G5H7


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Photo by David Wakely