Want a Hummer?

eewwww. Not that way perv.

Photo from  IronPlanet

Photo from IronPlanet

Apparently the US government is unloading 4000 humvees right away for auction. These are actual military Humvees from AM General and the bidding is starting at $10,000. Not sure if we can or how we could get one of these across the border but even if we could, these are being sold as "Offroad Only" vehicles. It would be a great deal to snag one of these for a build vs. the latest offering of a shell of the Hummer H1 with no drivetrain for $60,000.

In case anyone was looking into it, you can find the info to bid on IronPlanet. As far as I can tell, this is technically only open to Americans but enterprising individuals might be able to find a way around it. The auction for 20 or so of them is taking place on Dec. 17th.