Winter Trail Run

The winter trails opened up, so it was time to head out to the Ghost.

Our goal was simple. Head out and conquer the winter loops and be back in time for dinner. Since this was the first run under the new banner it was time to flex our muscles. It was a small and capable crew, consisting of Doc McCoy, Kapper, 1985bj60, Northernfly, fjtent and Cory (our lone Jeep of the day). 

Hitting "four corners" it was obvious that there were few tracks heading north, onto the winter trails. The decision was made to continue on to the Margaret Lake side and attack from that angle, doing the hill climbs first instead of trying to end our day with them. The trucks did well but the south facing slopes were very icy and required a full throttle attack. No one was interested in pushing their trucks much further, realizing that every subsequent hill climb would provide the same (and boring) challenge.

We turned around and took our time on the way out through "Lost Knife". With the added time it allowed us some play time on some of the more technical obstacles along the way. All in all, a fun day out in Waiparous but we'll be back soon for revenge against the winter loops.

David Wakely