Dakar 2015

The big story for the North American audience this year is Robby Gordon's push for top of the podium this year. To be honest the individual stories interest me very little but the overall story is very engrossing. As technology improves, we are getting more access to these races that are more remote and cover great distances. This year, there is a french TV station that will be streaming portions of the event live and there are daily recaps on some of the American sports channels (NBCSN for instance). 

So enjoy this year's version of the Dakar (nowhere near Dakar and in South America again this year). The action gets underway tomorrow, we'll have some updates here as they come in.

Here is the link to FranceTV Sports coverage of the Dakar; Dakar

And you can follow along with the stages and winners on the Dakar main page at Dakar.com


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