Ariel's New Toy

Now for those of you perverts looking for some weird Little Mermaid fetish drawings ... I apologize. We're talking about Ariel the car company out of the UK that makes the famed Ariel Atom a somehow street legal (in the UK) vehicle that makes a mockery out of any track that you put it on. They've decided to look at the offroad world and have come up with the Nomad;

Ariel Nomad from

Ariel Nomad from

This thing looks amazing. Now, not exactly competition for Trophy Trucks or Ultra4 buggies, it'll be interesting to see where Ariel tries to exploit this little dune buggies strengths. It looks like it would've been a lot of fun last weekend at the Cochrane Winter Rally.

... plus ... in case you forgot all about the Ariel Atom, here is Jeremy Clarkson (formerly?) of Top Gear fame giving it a review.

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