4x4 Fiasco

It's been a while since we've gotten a group together and we were overwhelmed with the turnout to our relatively last minute postings to go for some delicious gelato at the local Fiasco. The turnout was even better considering the weather forecast for the evening was filled with warnings of massive thunder showers. As luck would have it we were only rained on for long enough to go inside to order our gelato and then had back outside to be treated to some rainbow filled skies. It was a little disorganized on our end and nothing too serious got discussed but it was just so great to see all the usual suspects again and meet a bunch of the new people that we lost track of time. We swear we'll get some heavy duty topics on the table for next time. ;)

Here's a shot showing that rainbows don't actually lead to pots of gold. They lead to sick 4x4s. We'll add some more photos here as they come in.

David Wakely