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New Forum Background

Our forum users have probably noticed our new forum background by now. If you haven't, what are you waiting for? Click Here (or on the Forum menu item). What you may not know is a little of the history behind both our forum background and the new picture we're using.

The forum started in late 2014 as a soft launch or beta and officially launched on January 1st of 2015. We wanted to give our site a distinctive look and we did that with a very epic picture of some BC mountains by Addison Rickaby.

This picture served us very well and is still available to be viewed on the main site.

We've noticed over our existence that we've got some amazing photographers on the site. We wanted to give our users the chance to showcase their work somehow. What better way to have a change to the image people see most while using the forum. The forum background image. So we held a contest and after two heavy rounds of voting we picked a winner.

So without further ado, our new forum image comes to us from Matt Bayrak (or just Bayrak on the forums).

The photo was taken near the end of last summer, in September. My friend Mat Bearchell (Blue Tacoma) and I were originally doing a scouting mission for areas on the island, as many are usually gated and locked due to logging activity. The weather driving out was misty and we though we would get caught in the fog and not able to see anything except things in out immediate vicinity. We were traveling along the far west coast from Victoria to the Jordan river area ... The road was quite overgrown, and I experienced what people call BC PIn Striping for the first time. After traveling for a few hours through the thick brush and fog, we met up with a road in better condition (side brush was trimmed back) and we followed it as it started to gain elevation. As we climbed the fog began to thin. A few twists and turns later, we popped out into this cut block, above the clouds, just in time to catch the sun setting, producing this golden moment.
— Matt Bayrak

Big thanks to Matt for the use of the photo and sharing the great story that goes with it. Thanks to all who participated in our photo contest and keep your ear to the ground for the next one. 

Photography Section Added to the UO Forum
Hipster Olympics in Berlin 2012 (not kidding)

Hipster Olympics in Berlin 2012 (not kidding)

Interest has been growing in the Photography thread in our off topic section of the forum. So much so that we've been getting some requests to expand the thread into it's own section. Well, sometimes, ask and you shall receive. As of today there is a new section for all of us photo nerds. Feel free to share your photos and ask any questions you may have. Hope to see you there.

Unitled Offroad Forum - Photography Section

The Forum got Tapatalk!

Here at Untitled Offroad, we want to make sure that everyone is able to use the community in the way that suits them best. We believe that the forum is best viewed in it's native format, on a 100" 4k UHDTV on a yacht. We realize that's not always possible and, while the main site and the forum scale pretty nicely onto all manner of other (and smaller) devices, it's nice to have options on how you view forum content.

With that in mind, we've installed Tapatalk onto the forums. Tapatalk is an app that removes almost all of the formatting from the forum and provides the forum content in a very concise manner. For some phones for instance, you might find it easier to read and post to the forum using Tapatalk than the native web browser format. Now you have the option. Try both and see which you prefer.

After installing, you'll need to start a Tapatalk account. Once you're through all that, search for Untitled Offroad. Use your forum login and you're done. Play around, try reading threads, posting new content and the let us know what ya think. If you have any insight or comments, please post / respond in the Tapatalk thread on the forum; here. If installing Tapatalk on the forum has wrecked something for you, please post / respond in the Vent.