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Scion to Release Live Axle Mini Truck Never
Awful Photoshop job.

Awful Photoshop job.

The plan was to release a very elaborately designed April Fools news post. It was going to involve a photoshopped image of the Scion xB van lifted, with a bed and a solid axle. It was gonna be good. Then I saw a funny John Oliver bit about April Fools and thought we could post that instead. Enjoy your April Fools.

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Ariel's New Toy

Now for those of you perverts looking for some weird Little Mermaid fetish drawings ... I apologize. We're talking about Ariel the car company out of the UK that makes the famed Ariel Atom a somehow street legal (in the UK) vehicle that makes a mockery out of any track that you put it on. They've decided to look at the offroad world and have come up with the Nomad;

Ariel Nomad from

Ariel Nomad from

This thing looks amazing. Now, not exactly competition for Trophy Trucks or Ultra4 buggies, it'll be interesting to see where Ariel tries to exploit this little dune buggies strengths. It looks like it would've been a lot of fun last weekend at the Cochrane Winter Rally.

... plus ... in case you forgot all about the Ariel Atom, here is Jeremy Clarkson (formerly?) of Top Gear fame giving it a review.

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King of the Hammers

The 9th Annual Nitto King of the Hammers will be the largest to date.The event will take place during the first week of February and the main event will be held on Friday, February 6th, 2015.

The week of festivities will include:
Sun. 2/1 – KLiM King of the Motos Presented by Trail – Tech
Mon. 2/2 – Pre-running day/ ULTRA4 vs. Rock Bouncer Shootout
Tue. 2/3 – 4 Wheel Parts Time Trials & Qualifying rounds – Including LCQ
Wed. 2/4 – 4 Wheel Parts Time Trials & Qualifying rounds continued
Wed. 2/4 – Polaris RZR KOH UTV Race Presented by HCR
Thur. 2/5 Smittybilt Every Man Challenge (Stocks, Mods, Specs and Legends)
Fri. 2/6 Nitto King of The Hammers*The Big Race*
Sat. 2/7 KOH The Experience Presented by GenRight

We've got some King of the Hammers here on the live feed. Enjoy!

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Dakar 2015

The big story for the North American audience this year is Robby Gordon's push for top of the podium this year. To be honest the individual stories interest me very little but the overall story is very engrossing. As technology improves, we are getting more access to these races that are more remote and cover great distances. This year, there is a french TV station that will be streaming portions of the event live and there are daily recaps on some of the American sports channels (NBCSN for instance). 

So enjoy this year's version of the Dakar (nowhere near Dakar and in South America again this year). The action gets underway tomorrow, we'll have some updates here as they come in.

Here is the link to FranceTV Sports coverage of the Dakar; Dakar

And you can follow along with the stages and winners on the Dakar main page at


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Want a Hummer?

eewwww. Not that way perv.

Photo from  IronPlanet

Photo from IronPlanet

Apparently the US government is unloading 4000 humvees right away for auction. These are actual military Humvees from AM General and the bidding is starting at $10,000. Not sure if we can or how we could get one of these across the border but even if we could, these are being sold as "Offroad Only" vehicles. It would be a great deal to snag one of these for a build vs. the latest offering of a shell of the Hummer H1 with no drivetrain for $60,000.

In case anyone was looking into it, you can find the info to bid on IronPlanet. As far as I can tell, this is technically only open to Americans but enterprising individuals might be able to find a way around it. The auction for 20 or so of them is taking place on Dec. 17th.