Untitled Offroad is a team. A team made up of people with a passion for exploring and protecting the backcountry. We value Treading Lightly, Leaving No Trace and making sure that there continues to be an offroading legacy here in Canada. We accomplish all this by making sure that we are educated about the areas we travel in and don't disturb the eco-system while we are having a great time using the trails.

What do we have to offer? Lots! See below for all the different ways to check us out.

  • We're on all sorts of "Social Media", just look for us by name on your favourite site
  • We have social meetings and our members organize trail runs, for info check out our "Events" Page
  • We've got our own Forum to discuss trail issues, offroading gear, miscellaneous stuff and of course our trucks
  • Looking for something else for us to take on? Join us and make a suggestion!